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Tribal Italia Home UPS :

Tribal Italia is a practical product solution, evolved from the experiences of Indian consumer. A high profile techno design team from Amara Raja Electronics initiated a nation wide survey on the available range of inverters and UPS in the market. The survey parameters included performance, ease of use, aesthetics, and maintenance/battery management. The feedback was classified into the structural, mechanical and electrical/electronic categories and specific team worked to deliver the best of solutions in each category. Thus was born an envious, revolutionary Italian design of UPS where finesse meets functionality.

Tribal Italia is a design marvel in the UPS category that incorporates the best of class UPS technology with a touch of Italian design brilliance and is "Unbelievably Good Looking".

The revolutionary aspects of Tribal Italia pure sine wave UPS are:
  • Portable anytime, anywhere UPS for home
  • Envious Italian Design - finesse meets functionality
  • Cradle Rocker System for battery management
  • Fast charge solution for frequent power-cuts
  • Pure sine wave output with i-DSP technology protects gadgets

Portable anytime, anywhere UPS for home: When most inverters & UPS are kept hidden below staircase or in lofts, Tribal Italia is an object of envy in the living room. It gives you the freedom to move it anytime and anywhere within your house. Tribal Italia is not only a power back-up UPS, but also a portable source of back-up power. It has additional output sockets in the rear. You can move it to your garden or terrace when you have a party or a gathering where you are in need of a back-up power source.

Envious Italian Design – finesse meets functionality: The age of box type inverters & UPS are over. The new age Tribal Italia UPS blends together superb functionality, magnificent elegance & outstanding aesthetics. Tribal Italia brings a revolutionary change, in the way UPS looks and performs. It has a thoughtfully designed soft glow LED that illuminates during power cut.


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